About Us

About Us

Urban Realty is a Goa based professional real estate consultancy powerhouse providing integrated real estate consultancy services to its esteemed clients. With continuously changing real estate needs, there is need for well rounded professionals to offer real estate consultancy and advisory services. Urban Realty understands the difference between price and value. Value is inbuilt, has character, regenerates, overshadows price and that it is a process and not an event.

Urban Realty’s professionals are unified by a collaborative culture that fosters integrity, outstanding values to clients and public. The professionals are dedicated to strengthening corporate responsibility, building public trust and making impact in the community.

All services are personalized and are provided by individual experts in the company who are trained to handle specialized duties to the benefit of our clients. Urban Realty’s Services have been designed with client in mind; customer oriented and meant to put their needs first.

Urban Realty goes beyond limit to provide required services and information to clients that leaves them satisfied and ready to boldly take their real estate decisions. The wealth of experience we have both locally and internationally gives us confidence to take challenges on behalf of our esteemed clients.

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